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My First Bad Job

All through high school, I had one job. It was at the restaurant in Marion where I began as a waitress just before I turned 15 and worked all the way until I moved away for college. It was a great first job, and through it I got to know so many people in my town that I had never met before. I also became very close with my co-workers and bosses. When I moved, I was expecting my next job to be like that. However, I was horribly wrong. When I went to find another job, I looked for dinners like the one I was at in Marion because that was what I knew. But unfortunately, the one I found was nothing like what I wanted. It was a family owned business, but that did not bring a wholesome, family feel. Instead, the owner gave his daughter special treatment, and she was allowed to do almost no work, and when that happened, the rest of us got blamed for it. Also, the owner’s son worked in the kitchen, and he was very rude almost all the time. They were very demanding and expected us to do way more than what was possible with no help. There was also no room for mistakes. One mess up, and the owner would be screaming at us, loud enough for all his customers to hear from the dining area. I decided that there was no way I was going to stay there for two years though college. I needed to find another job, so my roommate referred me to Buffalo Wild Wings where she worked, and I was hired right away. Now the thing I had left to do was to quit at my other job, which is something I had never done before. So, the next day before I left work, I told my boss that I had gotten another opportunity and would be leaving in a couple weeks. He took it a little too well, as if he was not planning on keeping me much longer anyway.

The next day, between being very busy because we were short handed because his daughter did not show up and having my boss yelling at me because they were confused in the kitchen (by things that were not our fault), I made a couple small mistakes. One was that I forgot to put an order in and another was that I forgot to bring out a salad right away. Later, I went back into the kitchen and heard my boss say to his son, loud enough for me to hear, “It’s fine. Soon we won’t have to deal with it. We’ll get someone working who cares.”

That made me very angry. Just because I made a couple mistakes in an impossible situation, that meant that I didn’t care? I decided after that that I would finish my shifts for the week because I would not be fair to the other servers to leave then hanging, like what happened to us that day, I was not going to work there anymore. When I go to work, I go there to do what is asked of me, weather I like it or not, but why should I do that for people who do not even want me there?

The next week, I began my job at Buffalo Wild Wings. It started with five training shifts. I got very little training at my other job. Everyone was so nice and helpful, and I have been so happy there ever since. Quitting my other job was hard, but it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Have you ever had a horrible job? What did you do about it?

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