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A Girl’s Best Friend

For the past five years, I have had the best dog in the world. His name is Russell. He came from a litter of puppies that my dad’s dog had in 2013. We were actually not planning on keeping him, but he was one of the last puppies picked to go to a new home and I got kind of attached. Just before he was about to be picked up, we found a hernia on his belly button, so he had to have surgery. My dad decided just to be safe, we should probably keep him in case there were any complications and the person buying him had trouble later. I was so excited, and he never even had any complications after the surgery. Since then, we’ve been best friends. He is a Lab/English Setter mix, so he is supposed to be a good bird dog, but he has never been very good at hunting. He tends to just stay at my feet and walk with me, which is kind of annoying, but it also just means that he really loves me. I do not live with him currently because I am not allowed to have pets in my apartment. This years has been tough without him, but we I go home to my dad’s, he is always so excited to see me, and it makes me so happy. Right now, I am working on finding a house with a fenced yard to live in next year so that he can come with me, and I am so excited to finally have him back soon!

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