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Finding a New Home

With the school year coming to an end, it is important that my roommates and I find a place to live when our lease is up. My current roommate and our friend who will be our roommate next year have some specific things that we are looking for, but unfortunately the options are fairly limited in Watertown. We are trying to find a decent three bedroom house and a fenced backyard that allows pets so that I can bring my dog. Sadly, though, as we continue to look, we are discovering that the chances of us finding something that fits all of our requirements is pretty small. So far, everything that we have liked that meets all of our requirements is either not going to be available in time, or has already been spoken for. Another unfortunate thing is that we spend so much time looking for something very specific that now we are running out of options in general, for anything that the three of us can live in. We have all been looking hard and are hoping we will find a place we can all be happy in.

Have you ever had this problem while looking for a place to live? What did you do?

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