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Trying to Keep My Things Uncluttered

I have never been the best at keeping my things organized and uncluttered. With things that I share with other people, like the kitchen and living room, I do not have as much trouble keeping my stuff out of the way because I don’t want to inconvenience other people. However, when it comes to things that are my very own, such as my bedroom, I usually have a hard time finding motivation to clean, because I am the only one that sees the mess and has to deal with it. My problem now is that my roommate has just left for the summer so I am basically living alone, which means that now I am also the only one who has to deal with the kitchen and living room, so finding motivation to clean those has also become more difficult. Yestready, I looked around and made the decision that I needed to clean, but I wanted to nap first. It was going to be a short nap, but I ended up not waking up until 12:30 AM, so once again, the cleaning did not get done. I know that I definitely will get the cleaning done today because now it is bothering me, but I wish that I could get myself into a routine so that I can be motivated to clean more often.

Do you have a cleaning routine? What helps you stick to it?

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