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For the past several months, I have been planning to get a new phone and begin my own phone plan with a new company. Several different times I have gone into the store with my dad to get information on everything that I need to do before I can switch. We’d gotten just about all the information we could, so all that was left was for me to actually go in a get it done. It did not seem that difficult, but because I would have to do it by myself and did not know if everything would go exactly as expected, I got nervous and put if off for months. However, my phone had gotten to the point that I really needed a new one, so I finally had to just get over it and go in and get my phone plan started, which is what I did today. When I got in, the guy was super nice and helpful, and everything was really easy. There was really nothing for me to be nervous about it, and I don’t really know why I was. I now have a new phone that is so much better than my old one, and I am wondering why I didn’t get it sooner. I let my anxiety of doing something new on my own get the best of me and basically got in my own way of bettering myself.

Thinking back, I realize that I do this quite often. If something seems a little bit different or scary, I will often times choose to put it off or just not do it, even if will benefit me in the end, just because I can’t force myself into a situation that I have to deal with people and do something that I do not know exactly what will happen. Now I wonder, how many opportunities have I missed, and how many times could have improved my situation if I would have just gotten over my anxiety and taken a risk to do something that seemed a little scary? Most of the time when I do get around to doing something that I have been putting off, I realize that I was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, and I had built up a problem in my head for no reason. Moving forward, I am going to take the advice of Nike and set a goal for myself to “Just Do It.” Because whatever the situation is that I am worried about, it is most likely not going to be as bad as I have built it up in my head to be. I am going to seize the day and not keep myself from doing the things that will help me live my best life.

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