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Being Confident in Yourself

This Saturday, as I was finishing my first shift at work, my manager came up to me and asked me if I would be willing to working in the bar that night. I am not actually even old enough to work in the bar yet, but she said as long as I do not go behind the bar, I can work on the floor as a server. It made me super nervous because I obviously had never worked in the bar before, but my manager was confident that I would be fine. In fact, she said that the three of the managers decided that since they do not have enough people who are 21 to work in the bar, they were going to ask a few younger servers who were good enough, but just not old enough. That made me feel really good about myself. My managers had recognized that I do a good job and wanted to use me in another area. When I got there to start my shift, I was still nervous because I knew that they did things differently in the bar and I did not want to mess up. They people I was working with could tell that I was nervous and were actually laughing at me because they knew that I would be fine and really had no reason to be nervous. Once again, everyone else was more confident in me than I was in myself. At they end of the night, they were right and I did just fine. They even said that until they get more older people in the bar, they would probably schedule me there again every once in while. What I learned from this experience was that if other people can see something in me, then I should definitely be able to see it in myself and be confident in my abilities.

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