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Living on Coffee

As a graduation gift, my sister got me a Ninja Coffee Maker, and it was my favorite present and the thing that I use most in my apartment. Since I have been in college, I have had a very bad habit of not sleeping at night when I should be, and instead drinking a lot of coffee in the morning. If I have time, I will take a nap after class when the coffee wears off, but if I have to work or have somewhere else to be, I will often times just drink more coffee. I realize that this is probably not the healthiest way to do things, and I should start a better routine.

My problem is mainly that I spend way too much time watching TV and procrastinating things and end up going to sleep way too late. My roommate tells me that I drink way too much coffee, and I should definitely stop. I think that is probably good advice. I should work on getting on a normal sleeping schedule and relying less on coffee to keep me awake, but it is hard to break the habit that I have gotten into.

Do any of you have any advice for disciplining yourself more to keep a sleeping schedule that will keep you awake throughout the day without coffee?

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